Andrew N. Carpenter

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    Dr. Dani Babb
    Founder and CEO, The Babb Group
    (866) 500-9101

    Dr. Craig Bach
    Vice President for Education, Goddard Systems
    (215) 571-3608

    Dr. Virginia Carlin
    President, John Hancock University
    (630) 560-6311

    Professor Quassim Cassam
    Department Head of Philosophy, Warwick University
    +44(0)24 7652 8246

    Dr. David Clinefelter
    Chief Academic Officer, The Learning House, Inc.
    (502) 589-9878

    Professor Robert Fogarty
    Editor, Antioch Review
    (937) 769-1365

    Professor Paul Ilsley
    Senior Research Fellow, US Department of State
    (815) 508-8588

    Professor Tziporah Kasachkoff
    Professor of Philosophy at The Graduate Center, The City University of New York
    (212) 817-8615

    Mr. Andrew S. Rosen
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Kaplan, Inc.
    (954) 515-3888

    Dr. Ted Sanders
    President Emeritus, Education Commission of the States
    (806) 296-6906

    Dr. Dick Ward
    Dean of the Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice & Forensic Sciences, University of New Haven
    (203) 932-7260

    Dr. Roger H. Widmer
    President, Argosy University Nashville
    (615) 942-9984