Andrew N. Carpenter

1290 Laurel Ln, Westminster, MD 21158  - (312) 285-0296 -

Statement of Teaching Philosophy

As an educator, I affirm the ideals of honesty, integrity, and the human potential for moral and

intellectual growth. I abhor the tyranny of low expectations and embrace the power of combining

high expectations with correspondingly high levels of academic support.

In the classroom, I am relentlessly positive with my students: I assume that each student can

achieve sophisticated learning and can undergo significant intellectual growth, and I work hard

encouraging my students in ways designed to inspire them to work harder and to learn a LOT in their


I believe that the combination of high academic expectations and a high degree of individualized

academic support is extremely powerful for adult learners; my thirteen years of teaching adult

students online convince me that this represents the single most powerful strategy for helping adult

learners to achieve significant learning.

In sum, I understand the needs of adult learners and understand how to inspire these individuals to

secure sophisticated, high-quality learning and intellectual growth.

Teaching Experience

My academic vitae lists all courses I have taught since 1991.

Subject Matter Expertise

Biomedical Ethics, Business Ethics, Critical Thinking, Environmental Philosophy, Ethical Theories,

Feminist Philosophy, History of Ancient Philosophy, History of Modern Philosophy, Medical Ethics,

Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Technology, Political Philosophy, Political Theory, Research

Methodology, Statistics.